Note : In the case of a clone instance, it is strongly recommended to clean the non – existing nodes

FND_NODE table contains the node entries of both SOURCE environment and TARGET environment after clone.

If u want to get rid of the source node entries

a. Stop all middle tier services including the concurrent managers.

b. Stop the database.

c. Start the database.

d. Connect SQLPLUS as APPS user and run the following :




e. Run AutoConfig on all tiers, firstly on the DB tier and then the APPS tiers and webtiers to repopulate the required system tables.

2) Executing afdcm037.sql – Create The Service Manager “FNDSM”

NOTE: This script will create libraries for FNDSM and create managers for preexisting nodes.

If Service Manager is not running , To create the Service Manager “FNDSM” Please perform below steps.

a. Log in as applmgr

b. cd to $FND_TOP/patch/115/sql

c. Run the script: afdcm037.sql

Check again that FNDSM entries now exist: select CONCURRENT_QUEUE_NAME from FND_CONCURRENT_QUEUES where CONCURRENT_QUEUE_NAME like ‘FNDSM%’;

3) Relink the binaries FNDLIBR, FNDSM, FNDFS and FNDCRM

It is better to relonk the binaries once, If Concurrent Managers do not start for the cloned Instance.

Go to cd $FND_TOP/bin

$ adrelink.sh force=y “fnd FNDLIBR”

$ adrelink.sh force=y “fnd FNDSM”

$ adrelink.sh force=y “fnd FNDFS”

$ adrelink.sh force=y “fnd FNDCRM”

4) Run CMCLEAN.sql, To Clean Concurrent Manager Tables.

Cleaning out the Concurrent Manager tables is a useful method of making sure that there are no invalid statuses that can prevent the managers from starting.

a.  Log in as APPS user

b.  Run the script: cmclean.sql