Connecting to an Access Database

You can use the classes in ADO.NET to connect to a Microsoft Access Database. We use the OLE DB data provider and the System.Data.OleDb namespace for an Access database. This tutorial shows you the steps in creating an access database and creating an application Read more

Updating Records: Disconnected Approach

We will currently take a glance at change records exploitation the disconnected approach. Like inserting and deleting records using the disconnected approach, updating records also use the DataAdapter, DataSet, and CommandBuilder classes to do its job. The following are the essential steps for change Read more

DataSet Class

The System.Data.DataSet class holds data that are retrieved from the database. The DataSet class allows you to hold disconnected data. It means you can work with the contents of the database while disconnected to the actual database. This is because the contents Read more

DataAdapter Class

A DataAdapter can be considered as a bridge between the actual data source to your application. It is commonly used together with a DataSet. Using DataAdapter and DataSet is the disconnected way of retrieving data from the data source. It means you don’t need an open connection Read more

DataReader Class

A DataReader object allows forward-only, read-only access to a database. Different properties and strategies for the Command classes are saved for later exercises. Each provider has its own version of DataReader which inherits the System.Data.Common.DbDataReader base class. Provider DataReader class SQL Server SqlDataReader OLE DB OleDbDataReader ODBC OdbcDataReader Read more

Command Class

Each data provider has their Command class which is used to execute SQL commands or stored procedures to the database. Each Command class inherits from the System.Data.Common.DbCommand base class. The following are the different kinds of the Command class for every data provider. Data Read more

Connection Class

Each data provider in ADO.NET contains a Connection class that inherits from the System.Data.Common.DbConnection  class. The DbConnection serves as the base class for all the Connection classes of different data providers. The following are the connection categories for every data provider.  Data Provider  Connection Class  SQL Server Read more

SQL Basics

Before you deal with accessing and modifying databases, you first need to know the basics of SQL (Structured Query Language). This is the language used for querying databases. SQL is simple and easy to understand. SQL is not only used Read more