Concurrent Mangers log files are located in the $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG location.


For ICM Log                                       –> ls -lrt *$TWO_TASK*

For Standard manager Log                  –> ls -lrt w*.mgr

For Conflict Resolution manager Log –> ls -lrt c*.mgr

We can also get the ICM manager logfile location with below query

SELECT ‘ICM_LOG_NAME=’ || fcp.logfile_name

FROM fnd_concurrent_processes fcp, fnd_concurrent_queues fcq

WHERE fcp.concurrent_queue_id = fcq.concurrent_queue_id

AND fcp.queue_application_id = fcq.application_id

AND fcq.manager_type = ‘0’

AND fcp.process_status_code = ‘A’;

Sample Output:

SQL> SELECT ‘ICM_LOG_NAME=’ || fcp.logfile_name

2  FROM fnd_concurrent_processes fcp, fnd_concurrent_queues fcq

3  WHERE fcp.concurrent_queue_id = fcq.concurrent_queue_id

4  AND fcp.queue_application_id = fcq.application_id

5  AND fcq.manager_type = ‘0’

6  AND fcp.process_status_code = ‘A’;