Error in Concurrent manager logfile :

Routine FND_DCP.REQUEST_SESSION_LOCK received a result code of 1 from the call to DBMS_LOCK.Request.
Possible DBMS_LOCK.Request resultCall to establish_icm failed
The Internal Concurrent Manager has encountered an error.

Resolve the issue in two ways:

Solution 1 (Bounce database):
1. Stop all the services and make sure that all the concurrent managers completely down.
2. Stop and restart the database
3. Restart all the services and concurrent managers

Solution 2 (Without database bounce):

1. Stop the concurrent managers cleanly.
2. Check for the database locks and kill the locks related to CM.
3. Run cmlean.sql with apps user.
4. Start the concurrent managers.

Check for CM Locks:

SQL> SELECT v$access.sid, v$session.serial#
FROM v$session,v$access
WHERE v$access.sid = v$session.sid and v$access.object = ‘FND_CP_FNDSM’
GROUP BY v$access.sid, v$session.serial#;

SID          SERIAL#
———- ———-
2000         1000

sql> alter system kill session ‘2000,1000’;