we have to use f60gen for compiling forms and libraries in Oracle Applications Version 11i, But this is deprecated in R12 and we need to use frmcmp(Form Compiler)  to compile forms,menus,PL/SQL libraries.

1) Login to application server.

2) Go to the directory $AU_TOP/forms/US

3) Place “.fmb” file in binary mode

4) Execute the below “f60gen” command to generate “.fmx”.

f60gen module=<formname>.fmb userid=apps/<apps_passwd> output_file=<Form_Name>.fmx module_type=form batch=no compile_all=special


f60gen module=$AU_TOP/forms/US/APXSUMBA.fmb userid=apps/appspasswd output_file=$PROD_TOP/forms/US/APXSUMBA.fmx module_type=form  batch=no compile_all=special