ICS Connection Count (Doc ID 2385409.1)

How many connections will be considered from an ICS licensing Point of view?


A ‘Connection’ identifies a connection from an instance of ICS to a unique end system/application.
If, for example, a customer has number of WSDLs, but they all point to the same base URI, this would constitute 1 ICS connection. The following are the other rules when it comes to considering if two endpoints are considered the same connection or not.

– 2 different adapter types used to connect to the same instance of the application would be considered 2 different chargeable connections (e.g. using EBS Adapter and the Database Adapter to talk to the same EBS Instance is considered two connections)

– Different pillars/modules within an App (e.g. ERP) would still be different chargeable connections. e.g. ERP Financials would be one, ERP SCM would be second, ERP Projects and so on…, even if they are a single GSI instance.

– ICS-to-ICS is free (Daisy chaining integration). This includes invocation of ICS Flows on other ICS Instances.

– In Pub/Sub flows, Publishing or subscribing actions are not considered additional connections.

– Inbound (local) SOAP or REST connections counted as separate connections as well

– Connections are always chargeable – used actively in integration or not.