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ICS: Which Bugs Are Fixed In 18.3.3? (Doc ID 2425178.1)

ICS 18.3.3 Bug Fixes

1. Bug 27903791 – Consider User specified/Default Timezone in Preferences while running Scheduled Orchestrations

2. Bug 27362036 – Design-time Performance Improvements while working with very large Integrations

3. Bug 28316295 – Two Way SSL Support in REST Adapter

4. Bug 28308929 –  Gzip Support in FTP Adapter

5. Bug 28274350 – Enable User to specify Schedule Parameter with or without quotes

6. Bug 28266402 – Retain state of the schedule when importing a schedule driven integration flow into OIC from ICS

7. Bug 28266395 – Payload Trace/Logging setting not being honored when activating an integration flow with a new minor version

8. Bug 28246985 – Changing the Security type after Importing an Integration with REST/Oauth Client credentials based Connection does not work

9. Bug 28168603 – On execution of a outbound SAP Adapter flow using IDOC interface,TID is not being returned in response.

10. Bug 28164267 – Unintended line breaks introduced at runtime in payloads when using literal result element based mappings in the Mapper

11. Bug 28127472 – ERP Adapter design-time throws “The application has encountered an unexpected error”

12. Bug 28032110 – Audit trail of Global fault displays ‘Resource messageID ‘UF_NAME_EH’ not found in resource bundle EhStop’ when Database down

13. Bug 28025831 – Misleading Alert Notifications strongly advising the user to initiate manual purge of the data

14. Bug 28017414 – Handle Exclamation characters in JSON Keys in JSON samples

15. Bug 28011838 – Issue Consuming ICS Integration with complex request payload from PCS

16. Bug 28325374 – Do not mask the underlying errors when returned to caller in Lookups

17. Bug 27932827 – Updated values in Lookups not reflected at runtime due to Cache issues

18. Bug 28082314 – Unable to find the Lookup due to MDS Issues

19. Bug 28181446 – REST API call to Fusion Applications fails with SSLException


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