ICS runtime execution error</summary></part><part name=”detail”><detail><detail><errorCode>OSB-380001</errorCode><ICSfaultVar/><reason><genericRestFault><errorCode>REST_CLIENT_RES_ERR</errorCode><errorPath><![CDATA[An error occurred while processing the client response from the target REST endpoint.]]></errorPath><instance><![CDATA[Target REST endpoint’s response processing failed.[[java.io.IOException: Premature EOF]]]]></instance></genericRestFault>


Calling One integration from Another integration through REST API fails with error
“Generic Rest Fault, unexpected end of file from server”

An error occurred while invoking the target REST endpoint

Issue is due to the child integration takes long time to finish and parent integration is timing out. To address issue, invoke child integration either one-way  or Asynchronously which will help address the issue.

In case still issue exists, please contact Oracle Support.


Thank you !!