ICS runtime execution error Failed with following error message:

ICS runtime execution error</summary></part><part name=”detail”><detail><detail><errorCode>OSB-380001</errorCode><ICSfaultVar/><reason>oracle.cloud.cpi.agent.transport.aq.CpiAQException: Message not received within 240 seconds of wait interval.:Application Error

  1. Integrations created with DB Connection(with Agent) are getting stuck in Running state.
  2. DBAgent call got stuck.

Issue is due to the DB call got stuck on Agent due to some issue on Query or DB.


  1. Check the query used and see what is the response time. Connection from ICS to agent has timeout of 240 seconds and calls should return before this time. Make changes to your query / stored procedure to respond quicker which should help address the issue.
  2. Try restart the Agent server to clear any stuck threads.

If the issue continue to occur, please contact Oracle Support for further review.


Thank you !!