Perhaps one in all the foremost necessary options of Visual Studio is that the IntelliSense. IntelliSense is AN autocompletion tool additionally as a fast reference for categories, methods, and plenty of a lot of. I keep in mind victimisation AN previous IDE for C++ and that i got to learn the mandatory codes I actually have to use. With IntelliSense, I learn as I kind as a result of you really see a quick description of every elements describing the way to use them.

IntelliSense is activated the instant you group A letter within the Code Editor. kind the subsequent code within the Main method of the program.

System.Console.WriteLine("Welcome to Visual C# Tutorials!");

Typing the primary letter of the statement mechanically activates IntelliSense.

IntelliSense offers you a listing of recommendations with the foremost relevant one on the primary of the list. you’ll be able to press tab to simply accept the chosen recommendation. typewriting a dot can bring you another list of recommendations that’s more filtered counting on what you antecedently written. it’s conjointly context-aware because it can solely show suggestions that ar valid within a specific code block.

The list within the following example is predicated on all the parts that ar contained within the preceding namespace.

If you continue the choice for a brief quantity of your time, the outline concerning the chosen item can show up. this enables you to be told what every item will while not getting to the total documentation. As you kind the code, the list is narrowed down. for instance, typewriting the letter W build IntelliSense to solely show things with W’s in it.

Typing more letters will narrow the list even further.

If IntelliSense cannot realize one thing that matches what you’re typewriting, then nothing are shown. you’ll be able to press Ctrl while a listing is shown to create the list clear. It’s helpful once the list box is obstructing a section of your code.

When operating with strategies with multiple overloads (versions), you’ll be able to navigate victimisation the arrowheads to visualize all the attainable overloads of the tactic.

You will conjointly see the various parameters needed by every technique overload and their individual descriptions. Methods, parameters, and technique overloading are going to be mentioned in a very later lesson.

IntelliSense is such a magnificent element, and for each release of Visual Studio, IntelliSense turns out to be even a ton of savvy in recommending codes for you. it’s one in everything about efficient apparatuses Visual Studio offers and one in everything about most reasons why you should utilize Visual Studio.