Introduction To Python

What is Python?
Python is a server-side Object-oriented programming language. It was developed by Guido van Rossum in 1991. It can be be used for Web development, Software development, Mathematics, System scripting. Python is an Interpreted Programming language. Python is easy to use & learn yet powerful and versatile scripting language python is completely different from other languages such as java, c++, visual basic, C#, etc.
Python has not the compiler. So it is faster than other languages. (Execution Timing)

It fully Objects Oriented Programming language it has many features like Class, Inheritance, Constructors, etc.

Why Python?

  1. Python is an Independent language. Python runs on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.
  2. Python syntax is very simple like English language words.
  3. Data analysis is very easy to do in Python.
  4. Python code is much easier than other languages, the code completes within a few lines.

Applications of Python
1.Easy to learn
2.Easy to Read
6.Interactive Mode
7.Easy to Maintain
8.A broad standard library

Python3 VS Python2

Launched in 2008launched in 2000
print(“Hello Python”)Print”Hello Python”
Whenever two integers value are divided, you GET FLOAT(DECIMAL NUMBER)  VALUEWhenever two integers value are divided, you GET ALWAYS INTEGER NUMBER
The syntax is simple and easy to usethe syntax of Python 2 was comparatively difficult to understand

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