Getting Started

Installing Python

Step 1) Visit the official website of Python http:/ to download and update Python and choose your copy. We picked edition 3.6.3 of Python

download from here

Step 2) Run the exe to install Python once the download is complete. Click now to install it.

Install Now

Step 3) At this stage you can see the installation of Python.

Setup Progress

Step 4) You can see a monitor when it is done that means the installation has been effective. Now press the Close button.

Setup was successful

Installing Pycharm

Step 1) Visit the https:/ website to download PyCharm and press the “DOWNLOAD” button in the Community section.

Step 2) Execute the exe to install PyCharm once the download has been completed. It was supposed to start the setup wizard. Click the ‘ Next ‘ button.

Click on the Next button

Step 3) Change the path of installation if necessary on the next screen. Click “Next.”

Click on the Next button

Step 4) If you want, you can create a shortcut on the next screen and click on “Next.”

Installation Options

Step 5) Choose the folder of the start menu. Keep the JetBrains selected and click “Install.”

Choose Start Menu Folder

Step 6) Wait to finish the setup.


Step 7) When the deployment is complete, you will get a notification display that PyCharm is mounted. Select the “Run PyCharm Community Version” box first to go ahead and run it, then click the Finish button

Completing PyCharm Community Edition Setup

Step 8) The next window will appear after you click on “Start.”

install python