Older age is often accompanied by deterioration of memory. This is due to a general age-related decline in brain activity, a decrease in the excitability of nerve cells, disruption of connections between neurons. Unfortunately, aging is an irreversible process, but it is within our power to keep our minds clear until our old age. Let’s talk about how to improve memory in old age.

To prevent memory deterioration, do simple exercises that allow you to focus your attention and train your memory, for example:

  • Memorize names, phone numbers, necessary purchases. To make it easier, the list can be written down on paper first, so you can retrieve the written information later without having to look at the “cheat sheet.”
  • Try to notice details that might escape a quick glance (what color the other person’s eyes are, how many items are on the table, etc.).
  • Do crossword puzzles, play chess, read daily, start learning a foreign language. Having trouble answering crossword puzzles? Check it out: ny times crossword answers.
  • Play sports. Exercise and walking can significantly improve memory, but before choosing exercises, you should consult a doctor.
  • Good sleep stimulates the brain and helps retain information.
  • To activate the brain area, make synchronized movements of the pupils of both eyes for 30 seconds from side to side. Those who do this exercise regularly can improve their memory by 10%, remembering more words.

A few more tips

  1. If you are right-handed, from time to time perform the rituals you are used to, with your left hand. And vice versa. For example, brush your teeth with the other hand or use this technique during breakfast or lunch.
  2. Another useful exercise is to take a shower or perform other routine activities with your eyes closed.
  3. When getting to work, shopping and other places, change your route regularly.
  4. Try to watch movies without sound from time to time, trying to understand what they are talking about by the gestures of the actors and their movements.