C# Visual Programming

Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) allow a user to maneuver merely with the program victimization utterly totally different visual components.On the first days of the pc world, applications square measure text based mostly and you sort commands and input to form the program helpful. you would like to con a protracted list of commands to be able to work properly with the program. trendy software system applications have graphical user interfaces. You see them in nearly every program you utilize presently. knowledgeable wanting graphical program straightforward} among the eyes and encompasses an easy, even so attractive look and feel. a decent graphical program conjointly makes the commands additional accessible and arranged by victimization menus and grouping parts.

But making a program with a interface was once a tedious task. For you to even produce an easy window that displays a message, you wish to kind countless codes. making associate application with a graphical interface was onerous till the arrival of Visual Programming. Visual Programming makes it easy for you to form graphical user interface applications by providing you a “canvas” wherever you merely drag the controls from the tool case. Controls square measure visual elements that compose the GUI. you will be ready to move with these controls to perform their usefulness. samples of controls unit buttons, text boxes, labels, checkboxes, and radio buttons. The term “visual” in Visual C# was from the concept of visual programming.

Microsoft uses the term Windows Forms to represent every window in an application. Visual Studio allows you to create Windows Forms Applications easily. You can then create and design the form in the Design View.

Figure 1 shows the Design View in Visual C# Express 2010. You can see the form and some controls “drawn” in its surface. With the Designer View, you can see how the form will look when you run the program. The code for drawing and initializing controls are hidden from the programmer so you can concentrate on the functionality of the application.

Controls square measure visual components that make the GUI. you will be prepared to move with these controls to play out their convenience.tests of controls unit catches, content boxes, marks, checkboxes, and radio catches. The expression “visual” in Visual C# was from the thought of visual programming.